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We are the nation's leading law firm focusing on bulk cash seizure at regional and international airports in the USA, Amtrak train stations and on the nation's highways by the Drug Enforcement Administration, US Customs and Border Protection, Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation which become the subject of federal civil seizure in the federal United States District Court. Other nations available on request.

Our lawyers will assist you in making the CAFRA election and then negotiating your civil claim for return of your money by drafting appropriate documents and then negotiating release of all claims in the United States District Court with United States Attorneys. We do not arbitrate cases via administrative forfeiture proceeding, because this is a historical waste of time for both yourself and our lawyers. We also do aircraft seizure litigation in USA and Venezuela, Africa, Dominican Republic, etc.

If you are the victim of a bulk cash seizure there is no practice group more experienced than attorney Geoffrey Nathan (20+ years’ experience) call 1-877-472-5775 now for your free consultation.

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Q: What happens to money confiscated/seized by police?

When money is seized by law enforcement, the law enforcement agency provides a receipt of the seizure and then begins the process of counting the funds and then converting the funds to be held by the United States Marshals office which is the custodian until determination is made on a forfeiture complaint against the money.